So, I have a few minutes to write before my kids get home from a blissful (for me) weekend away at grandma’s house. I had three days to get a lot of writing done. Well, I didn’t get much done but it was still nice to be alone. But, I miss them and can’t wait to see them – us mothers are never happy, huh?

This will be a web site to serve as support and friendship and help for moms who are writers and work out of their homes. I have three kids – two are now in school, but I have a 2 year old who keeps me on my toes! So, I have become an expert at juggling and organizing around their schedules.

One thing we deal with a lot is the isolation and the need for adult companionship. My husband is my best friend, but he could care less about my writing. He still thinks it’s a hobby – by what I get paid (or not paid) he isn’t far off. But, it is a serious passion for me and a professional business. Although, my family doesn’t seem to think so since they all interrupt me a million times a day. But, it can be done – with a lot of guilt attached (isn’t that a pre-requisite for being a mom, anyway?)

I spend most of my spare (ha ha) time on the computer and I will be creating this web site as a huge source of inspiration and information for us lonely writers. I will update daily on job listings for those of us who work at home or telecommuting jobs. Also, we will brainstorm and come up with great links and sources together to support each other and stay up on the business of writing!

There will also be a seperate blog for personal issues we deal with – this is wide open and can be about anything at all – advice on your sick child, your boring love life, your loss of inspiration or motivation, your guilt…whatever.

OK – so let me wrap this up with a great web site called that I know you will all love. Keep up and don’t give up – that’s the key to this desperate house life. Persistance and more persistance. We all have to keep plugging away and if it’s your passion, which it would have to be for what we put up with every day, you will have no other choice.