So, I am having a major issue with time management. Not that I haven’t always had an issue, it just was never as big of a deal as it is now. Because now is when I am really dedicated and motivated to get my writing career in full gear. I have such a problem with dividing my time and setting priorities – I have such a passion for the writing (and reading, and learning) that I don’t want to do anything else! I also feel so guilty for not spending all my time with my 2 year old and letting the house get as messy as it is! But, I just can’t do everything. My older two are in school, so that makes it easy until afternoon.

Well, any suggestions about this would be greatly appreciated. My web site to visit today is at

OK, since I have been diagnosed with every abbreviated “disease” there is – ADD, ADHD, PMS, PMDD, OCD….I guess I have an excuse for being so un-organized.

Until later – I must tend to my other priorities right now – like finding my little girl who is being way too quiet right now!