I have a sickness. I just am enthralled with words and journalism and writing lately – and reading and reading and, it’s just crazy. There’s so much out there to see and learn and observe. How can anyone in this world claim to be bored or just be ignorant. I mean in the grand scheme of things, of course…we don’t all walk around with a goofy smile on our faces loving every one (well, there might have been times in my past – but, chemically induced)

No – it’s an addiction with writers, artists, journalists…An addiction – it’s like we inhale words and pictures and swallow and it goes deep into our gut. And when we aren’t writing or reading or drawing, we are thinking about it. Seriously – I love this writing life as much as another child of mine. Sort of the same thing in some ways – I am raising my children so I can let them go out into this crazy world and be responsible and spiritual and, most of all, to make a difference. Somehow, someway – too make a difference. Make an impact. That’s what we are all here on this planet during this flash of an eye – and I won’t let them “live a life of quiet desperation”.
It’s the same as with my writing “child” – I am writing so my words can go out into this crazy world and make a difference. Affect somebody – make a difference to someone. Maybe it was they were at the end of their rope that day and something I wrote gave them a new hope. Or someone who had been raised in a life of hatred and apathy read my words and saw a new way of being.

It’s like this one story I love that I heard years ago…This man is going down the coast where thousands of star fish have washed up on shore and he is throwing them back in the sea one by one. A man comes up to him and says, “What the hell are you doing? You’re wasting your time. They’re all going to just wash back up and die? What difference does it make?” And the man looked at him and held up the tiny starfish in his hand and said “It makes a difference to him” and through it out into sea.

So – writers and journalists and artists – do NOT allow yourself to compromise your self in any way ever to cave into the popular or trendy culture. That all passes. That’s why it’s called popular. It comes and goes. Stand your ground for what you believe. We, as writers, owe it to everyone out there to give them a gift – our talents, our knowledge, our passions – and bestow it on them in gratitude. Because it’s the one thing you can give away and never run out of. I may not have any money right now (hence, the term, starving artist) and things are really tense around here lately – but, I will give what I have to whomever needs it.

And, the most important thing of all – don’t be closed minded to anything. Don’t judge or show bias or be one-sided. I think that is the worst trait in the human race – we judge people all the time. Even with this horrible tragedy with Katrina, people feel they have to point fingers and blame and say hateful things about people – what in the hell does it matter who’s fault it was? Just take the people in and make them well. And build them back up and what’s left of their shattered souls before you start building up accusations and anger. It infuriates me – I would say being closed minded (ignorant) and being racist are my biggest annoyances.

What a waste of time. A really huge waste of time. The utter stupidity of racism (which has a lot to do with the NO tragedy) on any person’s part is just ridiculous and infuriating. If you were busy enough in your own life and found your own passions and beliefs and happiness, you wouldn’t have time for that petty nonsense.

So – that’s my two cents for today. Now I need to close it down for the night and spend some time with my family – even though I will be thinking about writing and new ideas the whole time.

Good night.