I have read so much great information online today, I am literally feeling sick right now – from sitting here at the computer and drinking Starbucks and reading and typing. But, I get into one web site or organization (like media bistro, great site) or one of the other gazillion I belong to and they have reference links and they lead to articles and those lead to other articles. Sheesh. It’s great – but, I need to “get a life”. My poor hubby is picking up all the slack and making dinner.

Also, in between viewing today I got a couple form rejections and word on a couple relatives missing in New Orleans. I still haven’t found two of them – John and Roger Gross. Oh, and a pretty rude comment from an editor, too. But, I realize in this business you have to get thick skin and not get offended easily. That’s a hard one, because I am very easily offended. But, the more you put yourself out there, the more you will be loved and hated. That just comes with the territory. So, there it is.

Well – let me go eat my dinner and act like a mom for a while. I feel so bad that I have shown more love to my computer than anyone else in a long time.

Site of the day is really cool – from the founder of Starbucks – really need gossip and web log. And, I am a Starbucks addict.

So, moms, keep your head up and keep going – no matter how much your family tries to deter you and how dirty the house gets or how guilty you feel. You have the right to pursue your dreams and your passions. You know damn well you neglect yourself all the time for your family. And you sacrifice everything in your life for them. So, keep at it.