Every single American NEEDS to see Oprah this week – if you have it recorded or someone else does – about her special report from inside ground zero and the people. Oh God, the people. The stories and the LIES and the SUFFERING. It is beyond comprehension to me and so many others. These our not only Americans, but our brothers and sisters. And, what really bothers me is how many people are actually defending the feds and blaming the victims! How dare you.
But most of all – how dare you, President Bush and FEMA and all the people in charge that let these people suffer like nobody should ever suffer.

Little babies were being grabbed out of their mothers arms and raped. Gangs took over the Center and shot at people and beat people. They were living in a big black hell hole for 6 days – 6 days – pitch black, gangsters running wild raping and beating and shooting. Wild dogs running rampant through the filth and urine and human feces.

These people, our American people, were sitting in a huge, pitch dark, hell hole for six days – they had no idea where their loved ones were, they had no idea what was going on outside, they had no food or water for days on end – their babies were screaming because they had no food or milk to drink. This was literally hell. It is what we all imagine hell would be.

Why? What did these people do to deserve this? I don’t blame the hurricane, mother nature is beyond our control. That is nothing to be mad at – it is what it is. But, afterwards. No – there is no excuse. No describing the anger in my very soul. The rage at what people do NOT want to see. The blatant racism and classism. They were put in a huge pit and other people looking in seeing the “bad ones” – while 99% were victims and were surviving the best they could. With no help. Nobody from this great country – the richest country in the world. With billions of dollars in their budget. And where did the help come from – churches, neighbors, other civilians, rescue agencies like Red Cross. Now, convoys are coming and buses are coming and Bush is giving more money to help.

It is too late to make it better. It is a wound on the country – an open scab – that will never heal. And it will never be forgiven.

God bless each and every person affected by this travesty. You are loved and cared for and prayed for by so many people. I don’t ever go to sleep without an ache in my heart for you.

And – one more thing to all the evacuee’s – I am sorry for the failure of our government. I am sorry.