Hi. Me again. Just wanted to see if I could get some of you lovely fellow mom writers out there to send me your contributions. Be sure to send me your contact e-mail so I can respond and add you to my membership list!

So, join on in. I would love some articles about being a mom and a freelancer and how you manage to juggle it all. Also, how you deal with the issues that come up, such as the guilt and the isolation. Please share knowledge about great web sites that we can give and support each other in our endeavors. We

We do not become weaker by supporting one another. Rather, the more we give away, the more we gain.

Hope to hear from you soon. Just leave me comments – now that I had a wonderful fellow mom writer help me out with that!

Talk to you all soon. Oh, and I have another website I am working on that is really on a more humorous side at www.dearcrabby.typepad.com. It is going to be a sort of very sarcastic “dear Abby” sort of thing. Eventually, I will take questions from everyone. I can use some article ideas for that one, too!

I have some great links and references with the Write Mom site already, so you will get good exposure here also.

Thanks! Until later. My daughter is screaming for Diego (the NickJr show).