Every freelancer needs to get avante guild membership to Mediabistro.com. The information and classes and resources are invaluable.

The link in the title of this post is from the MB toolbox section and it tells how to post to different publications. I have learned so much useful information from this and many other things from this web site.

Check it out. I will be the “member of the week” in the section about freelancing with children. How fun!

Keep your head up today and keep writing and learning.

Another quick tip – always talk to people when you are out and about. I have gotten so many good article ideas and story ideas from check-out people, baggers, retailers… These are the people who read your stories people! They also have given me great slants on stories that I had never even thought of. People are invaluable! You would be amazed at the wealth of information you can receive from that teenager at the grocery store!