The sponge is back! Yay! Even though I can’t get it anywhere here in the “Bible Belt”. But, you can go online at the Today sponge web site and get them. Also, try to google search “contraceptive sponge” and see if different online drug stores have them.

The title is linked to a recent article in Self magazine, but I knew this for a while because I have been storing my sponges and waiting and hoping it came back. I am a loyal married woman, but I like to take a break from the Pill sometimes and give my body a rest.

Why is it such a pain in the ass for us women to get anything that benefits us? Birth control pills are not covered on most insurance plans. The morning after pill is all but impossible to get here in the good old USA. And the sponge..the list goes on.

But, try and get Viagra. No problem. Insurance covers it. Readily available and nobody ever debates it. How unfair can we be?

I know this has nothing to do with writing – but, this is for women and mothers, too. So, take it or leave it.