This is a big one. The one that has really done the most for me professionaly, mentally and for my spirit. Join a forum or group. They are so great. I have gotten so much incredible information and links and advice from these people. It’s good, too, because the members vary from newbies to experienced and established authors. You cannot afford to be a writer and not join a group.

Also, it let’s you feel less “alone” which is one problem being a freelancer. The internet is so wonderful.

I also have to add one thing about my experience being a writer so far. This is the best job I have ever had in my life. And it’s not the normal things – I am home with my kids, I make my hours, etc. – it’s something else I have found that I have never found anywhere. Writers and journalists and artists…I am so proud and humbled to be a part of this group of people. I have come across nothing but help, advice, support and even getting other writer’s jobs and “ins” with important people.

We are lonely people, writers. And we take a lot of rejection. We go long periods of time working and not receiving anything positive. Maybe that’s why other writers are so great to each other.

I have worked as an accountant, with entertainers, with the military in search and rescue, with the LAPD, and was a very “career-driven” woman. And I have NEVER seen anybody in any business help someone out. Ever.

Just wanted to get this out there. Journalists and artists have a bad rap of being weird, artsy or cold and ruthless…whatever. Well, most of us are weird and artsy, but I have not met one yet who is cold or ruthless.

I love you writers. Thank you.