Notice the Amazon book ads in the right column? OK – I put those specific books on my blog for a reason – so, check them out. And, if you want to purchase them, please do so through these links, because I get a little money from it. Help support your fellow starving artists!

See them – so, the book about “A million pieces” was Oprah’s featured book, since she is doing contemporary writers again a book club members…thank God!! I tried to read Faulkner, I really did. It’s still on my night table. I leave it there because it looks really good in an interior decorating sort of way. Plus, it makes me look intelligent.

The other book is a recommended book for freelance writers. You should all have the online Writers Market – of course – that is our bible. But, this book is a great addition to it because it has things in there that you won’t find anywhere else. Such as information and markets you won’t find elsewhere.

Well, enough rambling for now. I have soccer games first thing in the morning, so I better try and get tired and go to sleep.