I will try and publish all the jobs for freelance writers that are tele-commute or work from home. This is all I can do right now – so we will actually be competing for these!

May the best one win!

BTW – I am finishing the book I recommended earlier – by Jenna Glatzer about How to make a real living as a freelance writer – and it’s great. Every freelancer needs to order a copy. You can google her name to order or go to Amazon or her web site, the Absolute Write.

Let me give you some personal advice about freelance writing – don’t spend all your time on the computer getting prepared to write. Researching, linking, blogging, IM’ing…you get the point. I could surf all day long (and night) and I have, many times. What we actually need to do is write and send out perfect querys. I am told you should have at least 10 querys out at a time.