I have started a new blog solely for the purpose of stopping all the sick, demented criminals from stalking and preying on our children. This stops now.

It will also be updated with new profiles of missing children.

I will be adding a fully public registry list for every state of sexual predators in your area. If you need specific information, I will get it for you. If your city has not approved this registry in your area – too bad…it’s your right to have it.

All comments will be totally anonymous and your identity is protected. I don’t even know who you are. We need to band together and work together.

If you see or know of any of these cases or any other cases – even if you think it’s stupid or trivial or you think something is just a bad feeling, an instinct or a vague thought – post it and let me know. I will keep all comments on the board private.

I am just one woman. I have been a police officer. I have been in search and rescue. I am involved in advocacy groups for sexually exploited and missing children. I am a full time writer and make my living focusing on this.

In my travels over the web these past few months I have come across many people. From every part of the world. Besides the fact that it’s an extraordinary amount of people to draw from, I have seen amazing talents in so many – photographers, graphic artists, techs, writers…on and on. There is no limit.

Can you imagine if we got all of our talents together and took a stand to stop this? We would be unbeatable.

Every single child you see on this site – and, unfortunately there are so many more than I can cover, are OUR children. They are yours and mine. They are each one whole story – with moms, dads, siblings.

Also, be sure to stop by Oprah.com and check out her weekly postings on sexual predators most wanted. If you give any information that leads to the arrest of any of these predators, she will personally award you $100,000.

That goes for my blog – if you are responsible for a capture and it leads to their arrest you will be given the full $100,000. I will forward all your information and comments and tips upon your approval of release.

It stops now, people. We can do this!