Another great web site full of articles, jobs and great information. It’s called SunOasis. Who’d a thunk?

Also, be sure to check in at the web site for regular job postings, art and other great freelancing information. She also does the market update at Writers Market web site.

Um, let’s see. It seems we should all be reading “A Million Little Pieces” (which I offer on this site) – I love the title and the cover art of the book. Also, the author seems genuinly nice and down to earth. But, I won’t be buying it – I am way too jealous of him. Isn’t that horrible. Well, at least I admit it. He writes this book – which is excellent, I know – and gets on Oprah and is now famous. After spending a childhood and young adulthood of being an asshole, which he admits. I spent my whole childhood much the same way – but, girls are considered bitches – and I want to be on Oprah. Waa waa.

Well, I guess I would need to actually get my book finished and sent off before that would happen, right?

But, seriously, I am also afraid to buy it because it is so close to home for me and I am writing a very similiar “memoir” and it is so painful just doing my own. Many times I can’t finish because I start crying. And his famous quote from the book still holds true for me right now…

“Just hold on”.