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My new blog is for girls who want to start blogging, learn more about blogging or just research and check it out. There will be tips and links on blogging for more than a hobby – adsense, affiliates, etc.

Also, it will include the latest tech news – for geeky girls like me who LOVE internet and computer gadgets and technology, but not to the point of being a professional tech. I just love all the wikis, browsers, software – all that stuff.


Here is a link for the new book, Write Your Way to a Better Career. It teaches how to “self-edit like the pros”

Here is a web site for anyone interested in marketing their books.

Great new magazine called Violet. Basically for moms who don’t have or want the perfect family. NOT the Martha Stewart wannabes. Which I am SO not.

There is also some good information about Violet at

Here is a great article from Claire White at the Internet Writing Journal, To Blog or Not To Blog.

I was referred to this article from the excellent web site at – she has recent telecommuting job listings, articles and other great stuff for writers.

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