That Tangled Web
by Shari Jean Stauch

Looking for potential outlets for your written work? Don’t feel like buying every newspaper/magazine out there to see samples of what they do? Obviously, web surfing is the answer, and here’s two sites to make your search sooooooo much easier!

1. – The US Newspaper List is my favorite. Visit this site and then click on your state. From there, you’ll see all the media for your state and links to each of them, including newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations. Link to each of their respective websites to build a custom list for your state.

2. – This site also gives links to many categories, but has added advantage of magazines listed according to topic and/or geography. News Directory is logically organized so that you can link to over 3,600 newspapers, 4,800 magazines and hundreds of television stations.

These are both FREE sites, and expect not as complete as fee-based sites such as Writer’s Market, but it’s a very good start without spending big bucks to find a home for your work.

Shari is Executive Editor of Pool & Billard Magazine and a South Carolina Writers Workshop board member.