We need to do all we can to shelter the hurricane victims and give them the dignity and respect they need and deserve so badly by building them homes. They need a place to tuck their little ones in bed at the end of the day. A place to stay in from the cold. A place that makes them feel like they belong somewhere and that everything will be okay.

Can you imagine not having your home? Sure, everyone is telling you “well, at least you have your loved ones” – of course, and I have no doubt they are grateful for that. But, that’s a given – now they need to provide for their loved ones. And they have nothing. Nothing. Try to imagine waking up tomorrow morning and looking at the faces of your sleeping children and feeling your stomach turn into knots because you realize, once again, that you have nothing.

My husband and I have started a team for Habitat for Humanity. You can link to it in the right column or you can go directly HERE.

Before you buy another expensive gift your kids won’t appreciate and don’t need – please, stop. Use that money towards building one of these families a home.

Habitat is one of VERY FEW charities that give every single penny to their cause. And we personally will go out and drag our kids to as many sites as we can to hammer and saw and do whatever we can.

Honestly, it can be whatever you can afford. I know, I always felt like “what the hell is a dollar or two going to matter”, because that’s all we have right now. It does matter. Every single person and every single dollar. Please give as much as you can.

Try to not be ignorant or judgemental of these victims – our fellow Americans – our brothers and sisters. They deserve so much better. They deserve to be cared for and to feel like they matter.

It’s so easy for you to do. Please come to our team site and help out. You will be richly blessed – I know for a fact that there is karma and that giving will make you feel more blessed and fulfilled than anything else can.

“be the change you wish to see in the world” Ghandi