My little tootsie girl turns 3 years old tomorrow.

Here is a great writing prompt for all of you moms out there: Think of how you feel when you see a picture of your child. Or when you look in on your baby and see them sleeping. How does your heart feel? How do you feel physically. Spiritually. Emotionally.

If you look at a picture of your baby – or your adult “baby” as a young child – explain the picture to us. No general comments about where and when. We want to know what you felt that day. What did it smell like? Was it sweltering hot? What did it sound like? What emotions do you feel looking at this picture? Tremendous joy? Sadness? Pain?

This picture – this last summer and she had been swimming, but not much because the weather was still cool. It was warm and sunny, but the water was freezing cold and the breeze was still chilly. I could smell hamburgers barbecuing and a very faint smell of beans simmering in the house – especially when someone would walk in or out of the front storm door. Summer break was around the corner so I was feeling tense and a little relieved: Tense because my kids would be home all summer. Relieved because school would be over – no homework hell, no early mornings, no mom-taxi. But, this day was good. A perfect spring day in the South.