Here is a beautiful web site by Tara Leigh about creativity and art.

There are several articles on how you can tap into your own creativity and a portfolio of her awesome illustrations and writings – like this one on the left.

She also started a non-profit business called “Memory Boxes” where women donate their time and creativity to make little memory boxes for women who have lost their babies at birth – so they have something special to carry their babies stuff in to take home with them. Any one can help with this and there is more information on it at the web site.

Tara has been featured in a TON of magazines and other publications and radio programs. Her web site has been voted “best in Writer’s Digest web sites”. She was recently in Real Simple magazine.

So, check it out. Since I have no artistic talent what-so-ever, I indulge in those that do. Maybe if I keep looking at them, it will seep into my pores and I will be gifted, too! Just a thought.