If you are a woman. And you are a writer. You MUST join this great association – NAWW. They have awesome seminars, like this one, several times a month. Just click on the logo on the left or anywhere you see the logo on this web site. Here is the newest tele-seminar:

*they also offer transcripts and audio of the tele-seminars if you miss them. NAWW is very inexpensive – like $10 per month – but invaluable for the information and support you receive.

Jennifer Tribe


In this one hour live teleseminar you will learn:

  • # How To Build Additional Revenue Streams Into Your Business With Information Products Such As Booklets, Teleclasses and CDs.
  • # How Info Products Can Enhance Your Plan For Financial Freedom
  • # How To Get Yourself In The Infopreneuring Mindset So You Can Begin To See & Capitalize On the Opportunities All Around You
  • # Ways To Use Info Products For Cross- Promoting and Upselling Your Core Services
  • # Where You Might Already Have Info Products in the Making Without Even Knowing It
  • # Why the Road of Knowledge Is Your Key To Creating Great Products That Satisfy A Market Demand
  • # How To Wring Full Value From Every One Of Your Words
  • # Fast, Easy Products You Can Create With Minimal Cash

Jennifer Tribe is the founder of Juiced Consulting, a company that helps business owners turn their knowledge into information products they can sell to generate new streams of revenue and stand out from their competition. These products include books, special reports, audiotapes and CDs, videotapes, and teleclasses.

from NAWW web site.