So, I turned 39 a few days ago and I usually don’t get (or expect) anything as far as gifts go. We have three little kids and we are always low on money…Until my blogs hit the big time. I am a full time writer and mom and blogger – none of these earn me much money. It’s okay, though, about the gift thing. I’m sure most moms feel like I do…Everything I buy is for the house of the kids. And I don’t mind it at all. I don’t really need much to feel content – so….

On the day before my birthday, my husband came home for lunch and the kids were at the table doing homework. My daughter comes in my office (closet) and tells me to cover my eyes as she and my son lead me into the kitchen. They are all telling me not to look and I am thinking what in the hell kind of mess did they make that I will have to clean up. They sing happy birthday and I open my eyes and see a leather bag on the counter. I am really excited that I got this bag! I say “Wow, a bag. Thank you so much!” My daughter says, “It’s not a bag, mommy, it’s a laptop!” I almost passed out. I have never ever ever received such an incredible gift. My husband knew how badly I wanted one and needed one, for my writing. Everyone kept kicking me off our PC because it was the family computer and we all needed it.

So, I am here on the couch watching over my toddler and setting up my beautiful silver HP lap top. Intel celeron, CD and DVD and all sorts of other stuff I probably don’t even realize yet. And I am feeling so lucky and humble – I am so grateful and really still in a state of shock.

Just thought I would share this with whomever…maybe just myself. I just wanted to get this in writing, like a journal type of thing, so I could re-live this whole experience.

And, I do think if you are a writer you should keep a blog. Even if it’s private and you do it as a hobby – it’s great motivation to write and if you post daily, it’s therapeutic and helps to spark your writing creativity, which you need to do every day.