Here is a mother’s rant – sorry, I have to let it out sometimes. I am here on the couch typing on my new lap-top. My dh is late tonite. We are having ice storms. And all I hear is my three loud-ass kids up stairs throwing stuff around and yelling as loud as a human can yell, I think. It really annoys the ever-living shit out of me. They are so damn loud – the constant yelling, arguing, screaming at games, the baby crying and screaming – sometimes I think I might lose my mind – honestly. I feel like I am teetering on the edge of insanity. I want peace. I need peace. Sometimes I want to yell up to them to just shut the FUCK up!! And I try to write and work all day long – and they come down here and bother me all. the. time. about everything. every. single. thing.

It’s really pretty impossible to tap into your creative flow when you are interrupted every few minutes. By the time they all get to sleep – which is when I have been told to do my best writing – all the creative juices and inspiration in me has shriveled up. I feel like a deer in the headlights.

Like today, I just felt like there’s very little brain left. I get where I am really hungry for something and nothing sounds good. Even if I could pick anything in the world to eat – I wouldn’t know what I wanted. I crave things…and I don’t know what they are! How annoying is that? I can’t make the simplest decisions without a major catastrophic break-down. “What god-damn deodorant do I want! There are too many choices! It hurts!”

Well, once again I am being bothered to help with multiplication tables and then I must do the bed thing. See, I almost thought I would get one thing done.