Oh, am I allowed to say “Christmas”? You would not believe, well, I guess since most of us here are moms, you would..anyway, rambling, you would not believe the memos that were sent home from my kids’ school about the winter break and holiday parties. Oh. My. God. I really think we need to start building an ark in the back yard because God is sure to wipe us out soon.

It was a (very) detailed explanation of the holiday season, the break, what could and could not be discussed, what treats were allowed, what music was allowed…all so as not to offend any person.

Basically, it’s not called Christmas break anymore – Winter Break, please. No home made gifts – only store bought and they cannot reference Christmas or any other holiday specifically. No Christmas shirts or decorations allowed. And on and on. I actually slipped and said “Christmas break” once during a parent open house thingy and a woman looked over at me and said “it’s winter break, not christmas” (beeyatch)

Now, I don’t consider myself religious but I am very spiritual and I am also not at all uptight (like most parents, I guess). Who the hell cares? It’s ridiculous. I hate that my kids are having to grow up in this environment. I wish I could afford a private Christian school, but I don’t know if it would make a big difference anyway. We make sure to talk about everything at home so they get their “dose” of the real meaning of the holidays.

Oh well – enough ranting. One more thing…there is a family in a nearby neighborhood that put up a nativity scene in their yard and the HOA is charging them $25 a day until they take it down. WTF?

Well – Merry Christmas and Jesus be with you all….now take that and ….