OK – so I got the best gifts this year from my DH. It blows me away, but here’s the deal. I have been having the worst luck with trying to buy myself stuff. Like most moms, I spend most of our extra money (very little) on the house and the kids. So, when I received gift cards from friends and family for my birthday and early Christmas (nobody in my family can hold anything), I went shopping.

Some things I got recently is a shiatzu (sp) massager pad for my “seat” on the couch where I use my laptop all day so I can watch over my toddler. And I got a bottle of wine that I have heard nothing but rave reviews about. Let me explain the wine thing a bit –

I am very very picky about wine. Ever since I started the adderall, I can hardly drink anything without feeling ill. Not only that, I just don’t like alcohol at all. I always drank in my 20’s of course, but I never found a drink I actually liked. Later I started drinking wine with other moms and was getting where I drank a LOT of wine every day. I still always hated it, but loved the relaxing feeling of just not giving a shit what my kids were doing.

I got pregnant during that time (surprise!) and stopped drinking. Ever since then I just never started again. But, so many moms are into drinking wine. A lot of wine. Every day. Does anyone actually ENJOY the taste of wine? Or any other alcoholic drink, for that matter? Do you savor the taste of a martini or a cosmopolitan? I am so curious about this. I can’t imagine anybody actually loving the taste.

Way off my point…So I sit in my new massager and it HURTS so badly that I keep screaming out – ow, ooch, Ouch, Ooh – my husband asks whether I am in pain or having a sort of orgasm – unfortunately, it’s the former. So, I reach over to my glass of expensive, well-reviewed wine and it is repulsive! Disgusting. It taste like vinegar. Ugh. But, I force myself to drink it all because it costs so much. Why??

So – today my back is killing me and feels bruised from the massage balls and I have a stomach ache from chugging that nasty wine. So much for a relaxing night.

Does anyone recommend a good drink or wine?I don’t trust any of the “critics” about anything.I
always feel opposite of whatever they say – about wine, food, movies. Oh well, enough rambling. I will just stick with my delicious Starbucks gingerbread lattes and sit in my chair with no massager, thank you very much.