I absolutely hate this time of day – 3pm ish. The two kids come home from elementary school and it is so tense here until bed time. My 3 year old starts acting like a grumpy maniac and bugs the hell out of them while they pretend to do homework and my 8 year old son takes HOURS to do the easiest homework. Every single school day. He just phases out and takes forever. The youngest wants attention after missing them all day and when they come home and do homework, she goes crazy. Then, it’s time for the dinner thing. God – I dread the dinner thing. I am sick of everything. I am not hungry. They never eat anything I make and they never all like anything I make. It is so damn annoying to come up with a dinner idea every freakin day. I read about the menu thing – please…who the hell really does that? I know it would help – but, it ain’t gonna happen.

So, here’s some ideas I am thinking I can try at this crazy witching hour – I can only assume I am not the only one who feels this way at this time of day –

1. find a new age station and plug my earphones into my laptop, loud enough to block out any sounds except screams.

2. go into my new office (that was the nursery. boo.hoo.) and close and lock the door. and play some tunes.

3. start drinking – is it too early for some wine? I think 4pm is a decent time – sort of a happy hour, isn’t it?

4. watch tv – my tivo’d Oprah or last nights Desperate House Wives repeat (again)

5. Completely immerse myself in writing. Yeah, right…that’ll happen. I don’t even do that when I am all alone.

Well – I will come up with something. I just get so tense and stressed just hearing the insanity. The kids fighting with each other, the baby screaming, jumping and running upstairs, so it sounds like the ceiling is going to fall on me. On top of that – the ever-present guilt that I should be spending all my time with them. I should have fresh baked little animal shaped thingies for their snacks – something healthy and cute. I should sit down and help with their homework and have a smile on my face while I do it. Afterwards, we all go outside and play together. Scratch that –

I’m going to get a glass (or three) of Chardonnay now. It’s still early, but it’s night time somewhere!