Girls rule – boys drool –

Why does it seem that MEN are ruling the blog world? They already rule everything else, they can’t have the blogs, too.

Women are more creative. We are more sensitive and artistic. (I am saying this after a couple glasses of wine, so no obnoxious pro-men comments, please).

And MOMS – well, we are blogging GODESSES. We have innate talent for creativity and self-expression. Especially on paper, or journals, because we can’t ever say any of our real feelings or secrets out loud. So, mom bloggers – let’s take it over. Let’s rule the blogging world.

This blog has always been geared towards mom writers – but, it’s more and more for mom bloggers (and women bloggers). I will shift even more towards that direction – blogging – professional blogging. Let’s get a piece of the blog pie – not the left over scraps from the guys.

I will offer technical easy-to-read how-to’s on professional blogging. Search engines. hot tags. affiliate programs. getting dugg. being networking. gadgets and gizmos – wikis, tikis and tavis.

I don’t know how to offer categories on blogspot, so for now we will just have to go by the titles and tags – okey dokey?

Women bloggers RULE.

**off limits to dooce and others, you are already famous, so you are welcome to offer advice and resources for us – but, I doubt any of the “popular girls” will do that, since they are not usually very helpful in any way.