See, this is why I could never write a book – I am all inspired and interested in something (like my previous post about writing and getting lost) and then I lose all interest with it. I don’t even feel like dealing with it anymore. I am on to different things. Guess that’s what happens when you are mental. It’s now 3:40 – so, wine time. I am finishing up this nasty bottle so I can try the new wine I was advised to try in a comment here – thanks so much for the wine advice! I am going to get some tonight and I will check back in and let y’all know.

I am going to start a new blog. I know – I have as many blogs as I do shoes. A different one for each of my personalities. And just as fickle and moody…and fleeting. I start blogs and delete them every week. Except for this one – which is sort of running way over my “niche”. I HATE that advice = about writing, blogging…living. Even in college, everyone would tell you – find your niche, your passion, what you want to DO with your life. I had no idea than and I have none now. And now I am going on 40 – I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I am all over the damn place. I don’t have one niche. I have as many niches as I have blogs as I have personalities. Ow – it hurts to think too much.

OK – so I am going to start a blog on wine and everything about it. Everday wine. For everyday women (and moms). Of course, I can’t keep it focused on one thing – it’s impossible for us (me and my other selves) so it will include wine reviews – interaction on what everyone loves and reviews from myself and, well, all of you. Also, wine charms, openers and whatever else I can find. And – when you have wine, you must eat something with it. So, great appetizers and snacks and what they go best with. And…other drinks we like for everyday (mango-tinis, apple-tinis)

I want this to be a wine spot for the average wine drinker. Like me. I hate almost every wine I have ever tried. I wish I could take a “wine pill” that gave the same feeling as a wine buzz without actually having to drink it – and get a migraine from it.

So, look for my posting on my new wine blog coming soon – until I decide it’s boring and I delete it and move onto the next thing.