(sigh) gather together, bloggers and blogettes, for yet another blog awards show – the bloggies. (inhale…exhale slowly)(chin quivering) I guess us little bloggies are just SOL here as it seems from the finalists that it's the popular group once again.

If I see dooce.com or boingboing.com win any more awards (gagging) I will seriously puke.

Here's a list of finalists for 2005 – I know, I know – no reason to hide your shock at the nominations. Do people just not ever venture out into the blog realm that all they notice is the same 5 or 6 blogs every single time?

I mean, I think most of the finalists are good. I enjoy reading most of them. BUT…..some (cough…dooce) are just (sputter….dooce) not that awesome. There are so many great and really funny moms out there blogging – what the hell is the attraction there?

I say – term limits for blog winners. Sorry – I am really having high school flashbacks right now.

nominations for the bloggies for 2006 are now open – for GODS SAKE do not vote for any blogs that keep winning.

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