I feel for James (Frey) in this whole "scandal" about his book. I posted about it in the previous post and it's pretty much all over the internet now, as I knew it would be. And, I have no doubt Oprah will be discussing it on her show soon. I have to say, I really do feel for him, though.I used to be a police officer – many moons ago (I am 39) and worked search and rescue in the Coast Guard (again, many moons) and I have to say – I have been up close and personal with a lot of drug dealers, pushers, users and alcoholics, prostitutes, and just plain maniacs. But, after all my years of dealing with people who lie (99% of people we dealt with) I still believe people. Every single time. Am I gullible? Probably. Am I ignorant? I hope not. I guess I just want to believe in the goodness of people. I can't fathom outright racism, evil or hatred – I just can't imagine it at any level of my being. So, I feel for James Frey and the situation he's in. I believe him – not so much about whether his stories were true, but that it's not such a big deal as it is now and will be. Why does it matter so much?Now, before I was involved in the law – I broke it. A lot. But, being a good looking, blonde, thin girl – I never got busted. I got caught, but always got off with some batting of eyelashes or exchanging phone numbers. Sad – but true. And, if guys could ever get away with it, I know damn well they would do it, too. I used drugs – a lot. I drank – a lot. And drove – most times I had no clue how I made it home. I am surprised I'm alive here to talk about it, actually. I always drove way past the limit and did other things along these lines. I never did any major crimes – but, drugs and alcohol…I was right there. I was also a compulsive liar. I lied so much that I would believe my lies and still to this day, I don't really know if what I said was true or if I had made it up. I never lied to hurt anyone – just stupid lies and lies to weave my boring life into an exciting story. I told great stories – I was the life of the party. I wonder if this is part of what James did. And, if his story isn't the whole truth – who cares and if you do care, why?Nothing James Frey did in his book or his life affects any person. So, why do we care so much? Why is our society always so excited to discredit somebody? To cause their downfall and watch them suffer? Do we just hate to see others succeed so badly that we spend our spare time beating them down? It's really sad.

One last note….I am a writer. I have been published – on the web, blogs, my blog, papers, magazines….so, I have had to deal with the public. When you are involved in any career that puts you in the public's view – you better get some thick skin and a cold heart. People can be cruel. And ignorant. I have dealt with letters and comments that, for some reason, shock me every single time with their rudeness and pure meanness. If you disagree with somebody – that's fine. In fact, it's great. But, why be mean? Why contribute to the public beatings and blaming? What good comes out of it?

But, I can see how James Frey may feel, too. People are always ready to pounce on success. They don't like it. It threatens people. Have you ever noticed how most people don't want you to be happy? They tell you all the things that could co wrong if you are deciding on doing something for yourself? I have learned to not ask. And I don't accept unsolicited advice. From anyone except my most trusted family and friends. And that's a very small circle, let me tell you.

So, James, I feel for you buddy. I know for sure that people do not like your success. They are insecure and petty and they feel that by belittling you it will somehow help them. And, when you do reach the pinnacle of success, as you have, you can expect hatred. We are jealous, us humans, and greedy and selfish.

I am with you though. I think your book and your writing is superb and I really don't give a shit whether it's true or not. It's good. And it's gripping.

Now that everyone's done with beating up on the DaVinci Code's author, I guess its your turn. What's your saying in your book about getting through it. I can't remember, but just keep movin' on. This too shall pass.