So, I was sitting outside last night on the front porch, swingin and smokin. My 8 yr old comes out and sits with me. We started talking about stuff – he’s a boy, we don’t talk about personal things or emotions. We talk about stuff. And after we were done hanging out for a few minutes, he went back in and I sat there swinging and thinking. Kids are so cool. They really are. They will get you alone and engage you in the deepest conversations. Things about the real nuts and bolts of life and the world and the earth and things we, as adults, never seem to like to talk about. And they are very interested and so very amazed by it all.

Last night, he said to me, “you know, it’s so weird to me how the world is round. I always thought that all the rivers would just flow and flow until it reached the end and fall of the edge somewhere. Doesn’t the water go somewhere? How does it not fall off?”

I love talks like this. You can’t get good talks like this with adults – unless you are high or drunk or whatever (not that I would know this, per se). Then we discussed gravity and inertia, with what little physics I retained from school.

It really is amazing, though. We even touched a bit on heaven and afterlife and angels. And God – being “up there”. I must be really child-like because I think of this kind of stuff all the time. Every day. And especially every night. Probably why I am a writer. Because I question everything. I am always thinking and asking why. I can’t find a niche because I love learning about everything. If I had to say what my one passion in life is – it would be learning. I would be a perpetual student. I love learning about everything – from science to weather, fashion and books…whatever.

So, talk to your kids more often. Or any kids you know. They are full of very wise and innocent words. And they make for great inspiration with your creativity. And, try to recapture the amazements of childhood – the absolute awe of it all. Because it is worth our awe. Think about it. How could you not be in awe of it all?