I am working on a new site over at marqueblogs.com which will be a parenting (mommy-ing) site. Since I tend to ramble on (a bit) on this blog and get way off the subject (a tad) about freelance writing, I wanted to designate my topics a bit.

So, this site is doing really well as a guide to writing and blogging, so that’s what it will be from now on. Of course, there will be some mom issues at times because, well, that’s what I am. And most of my readers are moms or parents, so they will relate. If not, there will still be great advice and tips and links here for writing and freelancing and blogging.

My other blog will be a parenting blog and will be where I can vent and rant about my insane life with my great (but also insane) family in our (insanely) huge house (that we can’t afford). Hence, insane. It’s real. Because I am real. I am not afraid to get ugly – and we are very much a dysfunctional family.

One thing – what in the hell is a functional family, anyway? Is there such a thing? I don’t think any family in the world is fully functional. Maybe they are and I am just delusional thinking we are totally normal to be so weird and non-functional. Oh well, that’s us. That’s me. See you there.