from over at, 9 ways to screw up your professional blog –

  1. ignore ad network rules – ad programs like YPN, Ad Sense and Chitika have rules and you don’t want to get kicked off their programs.
  2. make big claims and not follow through – this will make your readers angry
  3. start and give up blogging as quickly as possible
  4. game google – cheat google and make it a sure bet that you get banned.
  5. become obsessed with only one element of blogging – forever tweaking the templates, adding buttons, etc. and do not ever add any content.
  6. hide agendas – cheat and lie. pretend you do things that you have never done.
  7. quit your job and go pro – now
  8. plagarize, steal and don’t give credit
  9. blend with the crowd – there is one blog being created each and every second. There are millions of blogs. copy the most popular templantes and only choose popular topics.

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