James Frey will be on Larry King Live tonight on CNN. He won't do the full hour-long interview and did not offer any comments about it.The original story from the investigative (and very entertaining) web site, thesmokinggun.com, stated that James Frey's book, A Million Little Pieces, was actually a "million little lies". The smokinggun.com site is legitimate and, as far as I know, highly accurate. So, I have no doubt these allegations are all true. What it really matters is anyone's guess. We just love controversy.They originally were planning on posting the mug shot of Frey, after his Oprah interview where he told about his arrest records and other law troubles. They publish mug shots all the time – it's what they do. So, they couldn't find any arrest records of Frey. They began investigating further and it snowballed into what they are now reporting.The only thing Frey has said since the story has come out is that he stands by his book and his life.

I am betting James is wishing he was back into drugs right about now. Sheesh.

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