First off, let me start by saying the Smoking Gun website is owned by Court TV and in round-about ways, related to CNN.Also, the movie rights for A Million Little Pieces has been purchased by Warner Brothers by a production company half-owned by Brad Pitt.Frey starts by saying he wrote a memoir. A memoir is "a subjective retelling of events."He goes on to say that there is less than 5% of the total book that is being disputed, which he feels "falls comfortably within the realm of what's appropriate for a memoir."

Also – Random House says the fact they are offering full refunds on the book are not true. They are not offering refunds.

Frey says this – which I think we should all take with us about this whole mess –

"But the primary focus of the book is not crime. The primary focus of
the book is drug addiction and alcoholism, and that's why the book
takes place in a treatment center. You know, it's a book about getting
better, you know. It's a book about dealing with problems. It's book
about redemption and pain and family."

He also goes on to say exactly what I've been trying to get across here – that there's a cost that comes with success. The fact is that this book is helping a lot of people and it's affecting a lot of lives.

Later in the interview – Oprah calls in to speak publicly with King and Frey:

"the underlying message of redemption i James Frey's memoir still resonates with me. And I know that it resonates with millions of other people who have read this book and will continue to read this book."
More on what Oprah had to say later – I need to take a "commercial" break and tend to my toddler – who is dealing with a bad case of lap envy from my laptop right now…