Have you ever noticed how much a song can bring up a memory of a time or place? It’s amazing how hearing a certain song brings you back to that place or that time. I can listen to different songs and each one brings up a totally different period of my life. I was born in 66 – so most of my memories of music are the 80s and 90’s – such different times in my life!

The 80’s were high school (graduated 84) and college (84-88). I met my best friend ever in my first month of college and we are still and always will be bestest fwends. My God – I love her so much. And the memories are just amazing. We have lived far apart now for so many years, but we still talk all the time and email and write. And everytime we see each other – it’s like no time has passed at all. She always knows what I am saying and exactly what to say to make me feel better. If she was a man, we would have been married. I can always count on her to make me feel good and to laugh – even when my life is total shit. She’s the only one who can do that. And, it’s so weird – we both have 3 kids and they are girl, boy, girl and every one of them are 3 months apart. So crazy.

The 90’s were sort of fuzzy – in my 20’s. Aren’t most of us pretty fuzzy on our 20’s? It was wild and crazy phase – drinking, drugs, sex, clubs, raves….everything too excess. But not too excess to get in trouble – never got into trouble. Joined the military in 1993 – to get away from the scene I just talked about. You can’t stop drugs and partying while still hanging out in the same place with the same druggy friends. No way. So, I had to go. And go I did – all the way from California to South Carolina! Met my husband there and the rest is history – been married almost 12 years.

So, the 80’s music that stands out with me so much would be Duran Duran (I love them), Flock of Eagles (remember his hair?), Madonna (Borderline). Remember Madonna then? Every girl dressed just like her – underwear outside their clothes, lacy gloves with fingers out, lots of necklaces, teased up hair and hair bands. If only I had realized at the time….only Madonna looked good like that.

The 90’s in the military and first married and first baby – I think some of the best music ever came out in the 90’s. Pearl Jam, Metallica, Blind Melon, on and on.

So – I think if you’re in the process of writing, anything from rough drafts, blogs or queries, listen to some music from your past. Take yourself back to that place you want to be. It really helps me to focus better on the frame of mind I am trying to get into for my writing.

I am going now – I need to download some more music from the funkadelic part of my life – George Clinton, Parliament – oh yeah, baby.