There is a great article over at about the crazy up and down year of 2005 and what the book world has in store for 2006 and beyond.There has been tremendous growth of big companies in both book sales and publishing, which continues to threaten independent book stores and small publishers. This trend helps by delivering bestsellers to a lot of people but "many who are involved in books feel that we are in danger of losing what makes books special, and of neglecting their powerful cultural role."The Internet continues to grow with the big companies (like Amazon) trampling over retailers
as more and more people are directly buying online – everything from books to groceries.Sales of secondhand books on the Internet are steadily rising. How will this affect writers and the used book trade "which doesn't embrace the web"?Publishers in the student market are dealing with catastrophic declines in book sales. Students are already dealing with rising fees and living costs and they aren't going to spend the money on new textbooks when they can get used ones for so much cheaper.

Google Book Search continues to a big concern for authors, agents, and publishers concerning the copyright issues, but publishers are beginning to go with the digital flow by digitizing their books.

Print on demand and self-publishing is also changing the structure of the book world. There was an increase in new poetry titles in the US of 60% last year. Bookseller says there will be about a million new titles a year as self-publishing and the internet markets continue to grow. Several writers will be part-time, but the UK shows that by then they will have "more authors than nurses, soldiers, and miners combined."

Writers need to face the changes and acclimate and adapt to them in order to have any future in the book world. This means dealing with the Internet and getting very comfortable with the technical terms, web site technology, IT, marketing, promoting and digitizing. For all the die-hard writers who insist on a typewriter, no internet hook-up or dial-up, or just feel they need to be authentic to be a real writer – you will be authentic, but that also means archaic. You can still keep your creativity and your artist mentality – but you need to step into the computer world if you have any interest in anyone ever seeing it.

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