I wrote the other day about how music can bring back memories and completely transport you to the place where you were or what you were going through at certain times in your life. It was funny, too, because I had mentioned a Blind Melon band and another person did a trackback to it because he was writing about the same exact thing. Weird.

Today I was thinking about smells and memories. Smells are probably the strongest sense we have that brings back memories of people or places. Sometimes, we don't even know what the aroma is or why it reminds us of something – but, it brings us back to a place we have been before. I am going to talk about smells that sometimes bring me back –
1. burning piles of wood in the backyard in October
2. Chanel 5 – my grandma's perfume
3. diesel fuel from a 40' foot boat mixed with the smell of salty air and fish – from my early morning shifts in the Coast Guard.
4. Estee Lauder perfumes – my mom
5. just washed, still warm clothes – reminds me of being home

There are so many more I can't remember right now. So, I am going to head out with some aromas I adore –
1. the fishy smell of the ocean
2. a newborn baby's head when you burrow your nose into their super-soft hair
3. stinky puppy breath
4. oranges when first peeled
5. being awakened by the smell of a big breakfast cooking – sizzling bacon, warm butter, cheese and eggs, coffee
6. chocolate
7. Starbucks stores
8. my kids when they step out of the swimming pool on a hot summer day – chlorine, sunsine and suntan lotion
9. house cleaning products – window cleaners, clorox wipes, furniture wax – clean and fresh
10. fresh, home-made bread baking in the oven