Wow. I am watching Oprah right now (tiVo) talking to (at) James Frey. She is flaming hot. Furious! I thought she was not at all upset by her phone call to Larry King's show. She did admit at the beginning of this show that calling in was a huge mistake. That's probably why he came on the show, because he thought she was "by" him. Oops. He looks like he wants to melt away into the couch. I feel so embarassed for him.

It's awkward and uncomfortable to watch this. I am nervous and embarrassed for him.


This is getting more and more uncomfortable. WHY did he come on Oprah !!??

He now admits that Lily (and all other characters) were embellished and altered. He says Lily did not hang herself. I guess she cut her wrists.

I am just so uncomfortable. Ugh. This is just horrific.