James Frey wrote a book. It was published as a memoir. He did interviews and publicity and even appeared on Oprah, portraying the book as a memoir. He recounted events in the book as true. He explained how horrible and painful his 3-month jail time was. How horrific it was to see his girlfriend hang herself. How incredibly painful it was to have a root canal without pain killers. He lied to promote his book. He wrote in the book that "the truth will set you free".

James Frey has owned up to everything. He has appeared on Larry King. He appeared on Oprah Winfrey. She was angrier than I have ever seen her. He sat there and he held his head down a lot and he owned up to it all. His publisher sat there and answered questions. He was commended for coming on and admitting and apologizing. He deserves the commendation.

A memoir – "a written record of a person's knowledge of events or of their own experiences."

How important is this whole scandal? Is James Frey being used as a sort of "example" of what truth is? How much does this affect society and literature?