I'm sorry. I just can't let this James Frey thing pass. I can't. As I'm perusing (mm, big word) my feeds this morning, I see the latest uproar at the Hussein trials. I have been watching Frey being lynched (mostly by her Oprah-ness) and, meanwhile, watching Hussein being, well, ALIVE!

Please remind me why we spared Saddam "Insane" and are granting him a fair trial – which has been nothing but chaos and craziness since it started? Yet, we grab this guy, an author of a book about his previous drug addictions and rehab, and rip him to shreds. Hello. Where are our priorities people?

James Frey wrote a book. He wrote. a. fucking. book. He embellished some things in the book. The book was delivered to the public as a memoir. People read it. A lot of people read it. Many people were helped by this book. Lies or not. It's a book.

Can I even begin to list the atrocities S. Insane has committed? Did he, perhaps, embellish some things? Did he lie about anything? Ya think?

And yet, I sit here and see James Frey facing up to his "attackers" and holding his head down and admitting to some of the lies in his book. He is deeply sorry. He is humiliated and shamed. In public. And he apologizes with all sincerity. This is all so very unwarranted. It's a book. Whether his girlfriend hung herself or slit her wrists…Who the fuck cares? Will it affect the way you live your life tomorrow? Will it make the slightest difference in your life?

Now….Let's shift on over to the S. Insane trial. No regrets. No humiliation or apologies. No remorse. In fact, I see hatred, rebellion and an inflated ego who rants and raves about how much he hates America and "down with America" and, blah, blah. Big difference here – his lies and his acts have affected people. They still do affect people. It's not a memoir. It's not words. It's pure evil in its rawest form. And yet – he is not attracting the hatred and anger of James Frey.

One question – can anyone please tell me why we didn't just chuck a grenade right down into the hole Hussein came from? Who would have cared? Who would have asked? Why would it matter? Why does he matter? Bush's daddy should have killed him. And there is no way in hell he should be here to stand a fair trial.

For some reason, Americans seem to grant fairness and mercy to the wrong damn people. We should be this angry about the lies that matter. The lies that make a difference in our lives and our children's lives. The lies that take away our jobs, our homes and our rights.

I really wish people would get their priorities in order. Leave Frey alone – he hurt nobody. Open fire on Hussein – he hurt everybody. Hello….no rocket science here.