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I found this blog over at Lorelle on WordPress.
It's a great resource for all things WordPress, written in easy to
understand language.It's a must-bookmark blog for anyone interested in
WordPress. Incidentally, is FREE and super easy to set up. It makes a great first transition from Blogger. And, hey, it's WordPress – what else can I say?Technorati Tags: , ,


  1. LorelleThanks for the link and can I quote you?
  2. kee keeYou sure can quote me! Great web site! I will check in often (as I am always having WP issues:)


fanatasie impromtu
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So much sadness.

This is a picture from one of my favorite Flickr peeps.

The Picture Everybody Takes When They Go to the Vatican #2
Originally uploaded by andertho.

All I can say about these photography winners of POYi is WOW.

Follow this link to MSNBC Picture Stories for a slideshow of the most unbelievable photographs you have ever seen. Inspiring.

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