I was reading this article at CNET news and it really bothered me. I was already thinking that Smoking Gun must be really high on all this publicity and press and accolades. It really sickens me, though. And it's not just them, it's all media and, well, pretty much anybody these days. Everyone wants to be famous. Everyone wants to be "loved" and looked up to. No matter what the cost. No matter who gets hurt and what the consequences would be. This is a perfect example.I think it's sick that they are riding high on the downfall of another person. The idea that they got some sort of sick satisfaction from ripping Frey into a million little pieces. They got famous – for a few minutes. What's next for them? Who are they going to smoke next? I would say they would need to go back to every memoir ever written and research to see how many embellishments were added. But, while that would be fair, it won't get them great publicity.Admittedly, I used to subscribe to Smoking Gun. I got a smug sense of happiness in seeing the celebrities' mug shots and arrest records. I liked seeing them being embarrassed and humiliated. Since this Frey thing, I have un-subscribed and don't want anything to do with any snark sites or blogs. I don't see the point in finding joy in other people's sorrow. I don't like celebrities or famous people ( I have worked with many), but I don't want to see them hurt, either.

I would be really proud and honored to be a "part" of Smoking Gun if they had exposed a scum – a child molestor, a murderer or a charity scam artist. But, I just feel sick to my stomach that they chose to rip apart a man. An author. A person. What did they prove? What difference have they made? None.

I believe in karma. I know people always get what they deserve in life. If not now, they will. Riding high on the suffering of others will not get you ahead in life. It doesn't make you a great reporter nor a great man. It makes you lower than what they did.