This picture of my precious little princess is a reminder to all moms – this little princess is inside of each and every one of you. Of us.

Do you remember this carefree, happy, self confident, self assured little girl that you once were. The little girl who was called “spoiled”, but were just making sure we received our righteous rewards and praise.

We insisted on being loved and respected. We wanted it and we wanted it NOW. We melted every one with our innocent eyes. We played our teachers and parents and any one else in our vicinity.

Nobody could take any thing away from us…without a really big fight. If we didn’t get what we wanted, we threw a temper tantrum worthy of a dramatic play.

We would be punished. Get time out. Get a spanking. But, it never…ever…bothered us. It never got us down or made us stop our persistence. We found what we wanted and held on to it for dear life. Damn the punishments. Damn anyone who tried to take it away from us.

What happened? She’s still in there. Grab a hold of that little girl inside yourself. Women. Moms. We give and give and give. We sacrifice constantly without complaint. We take different sorts of abuse from husbands, boyfriends and society in general. They try to beat us down all the time.

Just remember that girl. Hold on to what matters to you. Demand respect. Demand love. Be spoiled. Be selfish. Be a little princess. And if you don’t get it….throw a temper tantrum worthy of a drama. Or, better yet, use the strength inside of yourself to stand up tall and walk away with your smug, spoiled, bratty self. They’ll get over it. If not, damn them anyway.