Since it seems poor James Frey is still being lynched and used as an example, I thought I would bring this up here. Everyone here knows I do NOT agree with the way Frey is being used as a scapegoat for people's anger. I feel so horrible for this man. But, this too shall pass…. Hang in there James, it will pass over and the public will be out for new blood.

I have noticed some valid arguments, however, related to the idea of a memoir and what is considered fiction, memoir, autobiography, etc. It seems to me the sole blame here lies with the publishers – only the publishers. Why are they not the ones being attacked?

But, how important is the fact that Frey embellished some events in his "memoir"? What does it mean for literature and their definitions? Are people going to start reading every memoir and see if there were fabrications? If so, what does that mean?

My big question is – why are so many people so angry about this? It seems like some feel they were lied to…Personally. I also have noticed people tend to be "sheep" and follow the flock – sort of like egging on a fight or being angry about something that they have no idea about. Why can't more people think for themselves?

The idea of getting refunds for purchasing Frey's book is ludicrous. Really…do we need to go through our libraries and return every book that lied?

If we are getting refunds because of lies being told and portrayed as fact – the Bush administration owes us a whole LOT of money right now..