This is an excellent article and I agree with Rev. Billy Gisher 100% on the whole premise of what he is saying. I would personally refrain from being such a, well, Bastard about it – but, it is from those Bastards!

Basically, he is discussing the incredible hypocrisy going on in regards to the Muslim cartoons and most conservative Christian blogs. And, I have noticed this, but beyond blogs and conservative Christians – it has been all over this hypocritical country.

He asks why these conservative Christian bloggers are protecting freedom of speech so vehemently…all of the sudden. I mean, what if the Muslims published cartoons depicting Jesus in ways that were offensive to Christian believers? Would they be fighting for the Muslim’s right for free speech? Hell no….but, they tend to protest anything that doesn’t fit into their beliefs and their way of life.

I, like Rev. Gisher, have been called a blasphemer. Also an atheist, a Wiccan…just because I don’t completely agree with the whole religion thing. I am incredibly spiritual and I believe and love God. I also believe Jesus is the son of God, not because I am sure about this, but because being raised Catholic scared the shit out of me and I am afraid NOT to believe that. I am basically just CYA. But, more on this great post over at Those Bastards!

He lists some recent protests of Christian blogs –

  • Harry Potter
  • Last Temptation of Christ – the movie
  • Lion King
  • Gay and Lesbian Day at Disney World

He finishes by stating what I would have hoped would be the obvious to all Americans – “I cannot recall any American Muslims trying to change laws in this country, so our laws would basically be just a mirror of the Koran.” He says they just pretty much lived their own lives and kept to their business.

Just to state the obvious here – I am not siding with any person on this issue. I have a great personality trait – I can clearly see both sides of every situation. I also know hypocrisy when I see it, and it is the worst of the worst when it is Christian’s hypocrisy. Most of them are the most hypocritical, judgemental, self-righteous people I have ever come across. If this was all about offensive pictures of Jesus and the Muslims published these cartoons…well, just imagine what the Christians would be doing. I guarantee it would not be screaming out the Muslims right to free speech.

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