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I absolutely adore the moon. How awesome is this picture of the eclipse?



From the Inside Firefox blog – tips on writing for busy people (and who isn't??) :

  1. Make important points up front
  2. Clear taxonomy of headings (I need a dictionary)
  3. Write clearly and succinctly (well, uh, yeah)
  4. No long, unbroken paragraphs or text (we are lazy – we don't want to have to read a lot)
  5. Preferring bulleted lists with links to paragraphs (goes back to the lazy thing)
  6. Formatting to make important points clear

Maybe just me, but most of these lists are so damn obvious. Oh well, I guess you can't hear it too much. The big thing to get here is the idea of breaking up your writing – especially on the web. People are overwhelmed when they click on a page and see a huge paragraph or page of text. It could be written by Hemingway – but, they will click on by.

That's not just busy people – just people today. We want everything fast. We love lists (top 5 etc), bullets, one or two line paragraphs.

And – the idea of writing for "busy people" is so annoying to me. Who is not busy? Even if they aren't busy – they still don't want to sit around and read a bunch of drivel or BS. Right? Oh well, keep on writing, querying, blogging, and succeeding.
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i felt it was ceramic
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i met the saddest horse in the world twenty feet to the left of this scene; it's neck grazing the barbed-wire fence just out of frame. the road cutting through this beautiful scene… my rubber soles pressing gravel to manufactured earth. it felt cliche and somehow fake, as if these animals knew horrible some truth but held face for the passing cars. it felt hollow and fragile, and by merely standing there, by being human, i felt responsible. – cole rise

Writer's Digest has a "Best Websites for Writers" with some great links for websites for writers. Here are just a few highlights:Here are a few highlighted websites from their list.

thanks to Lorelle at for this post and the list above.

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if I put down my pen, will they just write themselves?

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