OK. I am so over this moving shit. We moved from our house in NC last week to SC – where I really want to be and LOVE (by the way)…so that’s all cool. But, the moving is insane. It was the most unorganized and chaotic move of my life – and we have moved at least 10 times before.

Let’s expand a little, shall we? We have 3 kids – 11 yr old girl with a tween attitude, 8 yr old boy going through his whiney stage and is borderline ADD, and a 3 year old from (well, not heaven). Both my hubby and I have really bad ADHD and I have a bunch of other brain malfunctions – one being OCD which is expounded by taking the adderall for the ADHD. So – you can see why we have been crazed.

Well, S gets to go off to work every day, all day, and I am home. With 3 kids. And a bunch of boxes. And half our stuff still in the other house. And nothing packed in the right place. And 3 kids. Did I say that already? The way spring breaks worked out – they are on their third week at home. 3 freaking weeks at home. In this mess. OMFG – I am losing what little mind I have.

So, posting has been scarce. Shit, breathing in and out is a chore lately. I will be back. And hopefully all in one piece.

If you hear on the news about a psycho mom going nuts in SC – make sure I am not the one. AAAAA