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A great beginning point (or refreshment of old skills) for web design. Lists lots of good resources, a lot of good articles compiled.

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Check out the winners here….

Sneak Preview: The all-new Yahoo! home page. Check it out today.

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Other than site traffic stats, comments are my favorite thing about blogging. I get so excited when I have comments – no, I mean, really excited. I LOVE it.

Over at a great web site,, there is a great post on 10 tips to improve the comment section on your blog. Here are the first three:

  1. Clearly separate each comment by putting a border around it, using a light colored background or adding a dividing line between each.
  2. Differentiate the comment’s meta data (commenter name, date posted, permalink, etc) from the comment by styling it differently. Use some combination of a different font, font-size, font color or background. Or, try putting the meta data off to one side, so that it doesn’t get in the way of the comment flow.
  3. Alternate comment background colors to make them easier to tell apart.

And on that note, leave me some comments, why don’t ya? It’s so easy to make me happy!

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