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Link: Krazy Kids Items – a photoset on Flickr.

Fun set at flickr of vintage children’s packages from krazy kids. Check it out – really fun.


I recently received a mention at this blog, Mother Pie, and of course I had to surf on over and check it out. Her blog is great – check it out here.

Thanks, Mother Pie!

I have received some wonderful comments on this blog – especially in the last month or so – at a time in my life when I have been completely unable to respond or even show how grateful I am. Since it's 1am now – and I have been exhausted all day, until now – I want to catch up and say "thank you" to all my great readers – and to every single comment you have made. Even the ones who disagree with me or don't have much nice to say – I love and cherish all my comments.I am a writer. An artist. I live for feedback. If somebody takes the time to write to me – whether they agree or not – it means I have touched them. And for that – my work is done. That's my pay-off for this crazy addiction, this sickness, I have. My obsession and compulsion with writing and blogging. I love the blogging because it offers instant feed back and human interaction – which I sorely lack as a freelance writer. Even with all I have had published – there is rarely a case of receiving any amount of feedback.

I always wonder to myself if my article or post helped somebody. I hope it did. I hope it does. Even to know that you aren't alone – that can make all the difference in the world.

So – for my biggest commentator this past couple weeks – I want you to visit his blog at

And – again – thank you. Even if you haven't commented – but you read and it matters to you – thank you. You are helping to fill my soul and fulfill my purpose.

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