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Link: Krazy Kids Items – a photoset on Flickr.

Fun set at flickr of vintage children’s packages from krazy kids. Check it out – really fun.


Angel Boy Earned His Wings
Originally uploaded by Toni Blay.

My wings have been battered, torn, clipped, broken, and crushed over the years.

They are budding back again – and they are completely new.

I am not sure how to fly with them yet. But, I am learning. And one day I will.

Gorilla @ DC Zoo 12/11/2005
Originally uploaded by Nikographer [Jon].

how creepy is this – how HUMAN he looks. his eyes. his gaze. awesome.

Lull Before
Originally uploaded by Robem.

I love summer storms here in the south – Carolina beach. They are awesome. It starts out perfectly fine – sunny, a little overcast, warm and humid, quiet and still. All the sudden you hear distant thunder – clouds roll in and it's dark in the middle of the day – really dark – winds start blowing – gale force winds – it doesn't trickle and build – it just gushes out of the sky – the temperature drops about 20 degrees – the lightning is close enough to touch – the thunder rattles the house – then, in about 15 minutes – it leaves. it's silent again. awesome.

gohan touch it
Originally uploaded by fubuki.

isn't this awesome? it's from one of my favorites at flickr –

gohan is "rice" in japanese – it does look like it, huh.

so cool

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