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This will be my section on what (this) mom really means when I say what I say to my kids –

“What is TAKING you so LONG?”

Translation – Get your ass down here and let’s go, already.

This is not a real question! This is hypothetical. Like, “how are you?” – nobody really cares how you are.

I don’t want you to stop whatever it is you are doing and explain to me the long list of what you are doing that is taking so damn long. NO.

The point is – start running towards me and head out the door.

Let’s go, slowpoke…


Here's a list of web sites that are great for anyone with a home office or telecommute or own their own business. This list comes from in an article by Lincoln Spector.Some sites included are
Efax, for faxing without a fax machine.
Bloglines, to keep up with the news. It's not just blogs, either. It includes any RSS or other feeds. – free reference site. Use caution, you can get lost in here.Technorati Tags: , ,

Imagewrap There are some copies of Potty Time With Elmo that were programmed to say, "Who wants to die?"Local 6 News report says the manufacturer has received several compliants (no kidding?)

The correct program should say "Who wants to try…to go potty?"

I wish I could get my hand on one of the messed up ones – it's hysterical.
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This is the sort of stuff that keeps me up nights – so, here's one for this week, asked by my 8 year old son yesterday – why is it called a flea market? Here's an explanation from the web site (fun site…all sorts of trivia)The itch to shop.Dear Word Detective: Why are flea markets called "flea" markets? How
did they get their name and why? — Danny Sayer, via the Internet.

In any case, "flea market" first appeared in English in the 1920's and is most likely a simple translation of the French market's name.

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